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NEW flute-quartett    "four flutes grooving"

I´m very happy and excited that my flute-quartett "four flutes grooving" was reviewed in "New Music-Round up"
of "Just Flutes".

Thank you very much Chris Hankin for this nice review:

"...It is based on a groove which is so addictive, it will stay with you
for days...if you love beatboxing or you have students who love beatboxing, I can promise you, this is it..."

The quartett can be played with 4 C-flutes but also with 2 flute in C, alto flute and bass flute.
You can order here:
or here:
2 flute in C, alto flute and bass flute
for 4 flutes in C
FFG 4xC.jpg
play jazzflute now.jpg

Stephanie Wagner
Play Jazz Flute - now!
A Step-by-Step Approach to Styles, Phrasing & Improvisation

Ausgabe: Noten + Playalong-CD
ISBN: 978-3-7957-4929-3 
Verlag: Schott Edition
Verlagsnummer: ED22090 
Schwierigkeitsgrad: mittelschwer
25,00 Euro

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